Images courtesy of Melissa Fitzgerald

Kathrine Zeren


Kathrine is a Houston, Texas native with a BFA in Apparel Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. After several years working as a womenswear designer for a larger retailer, she decided to take time off to do some volunteer work in Eastern Europe and South Africa.

At the time, making neckties as a way to raise money for her trip seemed like a fun challenge. She had never ventured into men’s clothing or accessories, but had always looked to it for inspiration, loving the quality of fabrics and attention to details that often isn’t present in womenswear.

A couple of years later, Kathrine decided to turn this newfound love into a line. Having often found it a struggle to balance her conscience with the fast fashion industry norms, she was inspired by other socially conscious companies to go about business a little differently.


Jeff Gilmer

Photographer/Husband of the Year

Jeff is a Houston, Texas native. He got his start in photography by taking pictures of his skater friends. He's a Liverpool fan, loves pizza, probably listens to more podcasts than you, and has an incredibly talented and beautiful wife. (His words.)