Why Kickstarter?

If you know a little bit about Kathrine Zeren, then you'll know that details matter to us.  We believe that workers should be paid a fair wage and that the materials we work with should be sustainably sourced.  We believe that it's time for companies to start taking responsibility for the way that they do business.  Citing ignorance for poor working conditions is simply unacceptable, especially in such a globalized society.

There is certainly something to be said for helping to create jobs in economies without much growth potential, but everybody has to start somewhere.  We chose to keep production in America so that it would be more realistic to monitor what goes on in our factories, while also supporting the local fashion industry.  In 1980, 80% of American clothing was still made here in the USA.  These days, only about 2% is still made here.  We want to change that.  

So...why Kickstarter?  We could have sought out private investors to help us grow, but that wouldn't have helped us spread the message in the same way.  This way, we have a greater chance of changing the trend together.

So, spread the word!  Tell your friends!  Let's do this!  Let's #changethetrend!