To All of Our Kickstarter Backers...Thank You!!!

If you've been following along for the past half year or so, you'll know that we were able to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign over the summer.  This support enabled us to place our first large orders at some awesome factories across the USA.  Our neckties were made in Los Angeles, our bow ties were made in Brooklyn, and our pocket squares were made in Lansing, Michigan.  

As we now eagerly await the arrival of our neckties and bow ties (any day now!), we just wanted to pause long enough to say THANK YOU.  None of what we are trying to do here would have been possible without your support.  We are psyched about our plans for the future, and can't wait to loop you in!  



P.S. The below pictures were sent to me from the different factories of the new products that were able to be made with your support.  Enjoy!