How to Choose the Right Tie Knot


Hey guys! 

Today I've broken down the three most commonly-used tie knots: the Four-in-Hand, the Half-Windsor, and the Windsor. Hopefully, this quick guide will help you determine what knot might work best for the tie that you have or the event that you're going to. 

The Four-in-Hand

The Four-in-Hand is a the most basic type of knot. Due to its slenderness and simplicity, this knot pairs particularly well with skinner ties. Also, the Four-in-Hand is perfect for more light, casual ties made of knit or cotton material. Because it is so versatile, many claim it to be the knot every man should know. Check out my blog post here on how to tie it!

The Half-Windsor

The Half-Windsor is a medium-sized, nearly symmetrical knot. As with the Four-in-Hand it is extremely versatile. It goes perfectly with ties of a light to medium thickness, and it can be used with a tie of pretty much any material. However, this is a more formal knot than the Four-in-Hand, and it is often used for job interviews and business meetings. Check out my blog post here on how to tie it!

The Windsor 

The Windsor knot is a large, wide, and triangular. As such, it pairs especially well with widely spread or cutaway collars. Additionally, this type of knot is fairly difficult to tie with skinny ties that are less than 2.5 inches in width, so bear that in mind when choosing what knot might fit your tie best. It also works best with thick silk ties. The Windsor is a very formal tie, so it should be saved for the most formal occasions. Check out my blog post here on how to tie it!

Still can't decide?

Check out this handy flowchart to make choosing between tie knots simple. 

To Be or Knot to BeFINAL.001.jpeg


- Katie