Outside the Box 4.0

Last week on Instagram, I vaguely mentioned a new collaboration I was excited about...

WantedDesign and Toronto Design Offsite Festival are partnering up for the second year in a row to present Outside the Box in Brooklyn from May 7-17. Collaborating with local correspondents, WantedDesign and Toronto Design Offsite Festival will bring specific creative vision from six US cities and five Canadian cities through an unexpected selection of objects to fit in unique boxes. The concept/theme “multiple” will unite the bankers boxes that each city fills with original works from local designers.

The idea of “multiple” can refer to an identical replication, as well as a varying iteration, of an individual element. This collection explores the concept of “multiple” in both of these senses, playing with repetition and variation of form, material, color, and function.

The “Houston box” is being curated by a stellar furniture designer (and friend of mine)Mike Garman, and will include 3 of our ties alongside some really cool stuff from the following designers:

Kate de Para: shopevens.com
Kari Breitigam: karibreitigam.com/jewelry
David Tsai: www.davidtsai.net
Studio WAC: www.studiowac.com
Mike Garman: www.garmanfurniture.com
Wyatt Little: wyattlittle.com

Here's a little preview of what it'll all look like:

Outside the Box 4.0