Why Discussing Sustainability is Awkward

Image courtesy of  Jeff Gilmer .

Image courtesy of Jeff Gilmer.

I came across this article on Study 34's Blog a couple of days ago, and I think that it addresses a key issue that we who have branded ourselves as "sustainable" seem to come up against quite a bit: the awkwardness of standing up for a practice or way of doing something that a majority of people could care less about.  Of course, we all know those people who looooove to be the center of attention, up on their soapbox.  It's annoying.  No one wants to feel like people are being condescendingly negative about their lifestyle and worldview.  However(!), does that mean that we just don't discuss issues that are important to us?  By no means!  It's our responsibility to make our voices heard.  Otherwise, the status quo will remain as such.  

But I think that this should be a dialogue.  I don't have all of the answers.  Yes, I would prefer that all of the clothing in my closet was sustainable.  But, honestly, that's just not realistic.  There simply aren't enough sustainably clothing brands out there to supply the varied wardrobe that my lifestyle currently requires.  And that's one of the reasons I started my company.  It's something.  And we all have to start somewhere, because something as revolutionary as changing the way the fashion industry works won't happen overnight.  It'll take a lot of us pulling together.

Cheers, Kathrine