How To Style Your Handkerchief: 4 Ways

The handkerchief is one of those pieces that reminds us of our grandmothers and grandfathers, and maybe not always in a most positive way - you know, the grandmother that used to keep one tucked away in her undergarment and would occasionally take it out, spit on it, and use it to wipe something dirty off your face? Or the grandfather that kept one neatly folded in his back pocket to blow his nose in? Well, I think they've been given an unfair "wrap" if you will. I'd like to attempt to show you a few modern, yet versatile uses for the vintage handkerchief (because, let's face it, the colors and designs of vintage hankys are beautiful). 

I will be using a vintage linen handkerchief I found at an antique store to demonstrate:

The first way is to tie it around your wrist and wear it, proudly, like a piece of jewelry! I mean, why should bracelets get to have all the fun?! Answer: They shouldn't.

The second way is it fold it neatly into a square, and then shove it into your front pocket and wear it as a pocket square. Now this practice is more commonly used by the male population, but I'm here to say that woman can wear pocket squares, too - no suit or tie needed! P.S., I can't wait to get my hands on one of Kathrine's new, handmade pocket squares (collection coming soon).

The third way of wearing your vintage handkerchief is to tie it around your neck, like a bandana. To achieve this look, hold the two opposite corners of the handkerchief (one corner in each hand), pull, and twist them together (this allows to the handkerchief to be worn on its longest side). Then simply tie the twisted handkerchief around your neck, leaving it knotted in the front. 

The final way to sport your vintage hanky is to wear it casually tucked into your back pocket. This is one of my favorite ways to sneak it in a bit of color to an otherwise colorless look. Plus, it leaves you looking effortlessly chic, and ready to do some manual labor. :)

To get your own vintage handkerchief, check out Katherine's hand-picked selection of vintage handkerchiefs - there is sure to be one to fit every mood, color and style. 

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xo, TheDandyLiar